CA is dedicated to veteran military officers, originating from combat units (Land, Navy and Air forces), having a martial application or background.

Background: Proven service (or still serving in reserve duty) as an Officer in a military force, holding a pivotal role in his unit

CA is aiming to empower exceptional veteran entrepreneurs, leading game-changing endeavors.

Participants are expected to be fully immersed in the program during the 3 weeks period. That means, on-ground 100% availability, enabling squad-leaders and program-personnel to fully provide the required value.

A sample learning day is in between 17:00-22:00 (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). The full program is available on the Program page.


We will answer your application form within 24 hours, via email.

The application is available till May 1st via Castling’s website.

The program opens its doors on May19th.

Click the following link and apply through CA’s application form. >>>

Castling waves include 30 carefully-picked veterans, divided into squads of 8 veterans each.

  • Application open: April 10th, 2019
  • Personal acquaintance interviews days:  April 21-22/19. May 3-4\19.
  • May 1th: Final registration deadline
  • May 3rd: Final acceptance notifications
  • May 19th -June 7th: Program dates
  • May 19th– Opening Gala night
  • June 6th: “D-Day”- Graduation night

Program tuition: ₪ 3,000 

Tuition includes all of CA program benefits, with no additional costs:

  • 10 days program, with the best lectures in the startup idustry
  • 20 mind bobbling lectures
  • 8 hands-on workshops
  • tours to world-leading companies
  • Access to 50 of israeli top investors
  • “Wisdom crate” of tools that will accompany you throughout the journey
  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 training with your Squad Leader, a veteran entrepreneur with track record
  • Gala Evening with industry leaders
  • Life time member ship for Castling’s Alumni Network
  • Alimentation and beverages through the course
  • Full acces to our groundbreaking entrepreneurial space

Our First wave would take place at Tel Aviv


CA offers an Exponential Innovation Program for veteran Officers, providing an ivy-league level training in disruptive technological landscapes

Envision: Industry immersion and entrepreneurial overview

Build: Methodology & Technology workshops

Act: Business Development, Fund-Raising and focus on Sales & Marketing

Lead: Leadership & Strategies

  • The program draws methodologies and practices from world leading programs, guaranteeing strong industry immersion for the next generation of thought leaders.
  • Learning is conducted in parallel threads, from open sandbox to agile squads, each led by an industry expert Squad-Leaders.

CA has carefully picked a world-class faculty composed of Industry expert and a renowned thought leader, which is complemented by cutting-edge practitioners and thinkers who serve as guest lecturers.

The CA faculty includes scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers

CA’s exponential program has been shaped by Erez Yerushalmi, a Repeat Entrepreneur focused on building Epic Endeavors and exponential technologies. Erez has trained hundreds of startups and thousands of entrepreneurs in the EMEA and LATAM regions, with focus on early stage entrepreneurship and scale-up phases. Head of the “Impact Entrepreneurships” MBA program. Former Head of the Fintech Incubator at the Colman College of Management. Former Head of MATI Entrepreneurships course. 


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One of CA’s core values is its growing network of Alumni’s. As with Harvard, MIT and similar networks, such environment becomes a pivotal aspect of the program.

Imagine a group of global entrepreneurs, all originating from high-rank officer background, leading disruptive ventures. We strongly believe this group of leaders, bestowed with the right values and knowledge, are destined to influence massive populations around the world, providing value, safety and prosperity.